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Hire an Estate Planning Lawyer in Muncie to Make the Process Easier

Wills and Estates
Estate planning is an often overlooked – yet incredibly important – part of every person’s life. Ronald K. Smith offers clients in Muncie assistance drafting wills and trusts. Though you may endeavor to handle this on your own, hiring a lawyer can ensure that it is done correctly and that your loved ones are provided for. Other benefits include the ability to reduce estate taxes, control the distribution of your property and avoid necessitating probate. Our firm can provide assistance as an attorney to help you take advantage of these and the many other benefits a will can provide.

Understanding the Differences Between Wills and Trusts

Wills and trusts are commonly conflated and confused, but they are each different and provide different benefits, too. The primary benefits of a will include:
  • Allows the appointing of a guardian for children
  • Can be revoked or edited during lifetime
A trust, alternately, has the following advantages:
  • Can be used for an estate of any size
  • May include plans for potential incapacitation
  • Prevents your estate from entering probate

Plan for the Future and the Unexpected in Anderson

Whether your health is failing or you are young and spry, the future is unpredictable, and you should never neglect protecting your loved ones. Hiring an estate planning attorney is one of the most effective means of doing this, and Ronald K. Smith can provide the services you need. Our firm offers comprehensive assistance to clients in Anderson and Muncie who are creating wills and trusts for their estates. Additionally, we provide representation to families handling a loved one’s estate. Whether you need a DUI defense or adoption lawyer, we can provide the legal assistance you need. Schedule a consultation by reaching out to us at in 765-282-4022.